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There are numerous limits within generalizing final results. This study looked at fashion consumer behaviour of emerging adults by surveying students at two universities located in the Midwestern United States. the actual social circumstance involving college living is actually peerintensive in that way providing a strong ecosystem in which peer vogue norms hold the electrical power in order to jacket leather influence buyer habits. However, future research may need to use a more general population including age, education and geographic distributions to enhance generalizability. Based on this study, there is some possible further research. very first, consumers who're wary of excellent as well as become more thinking about achievement perspective will buy high-priced devices (Netemeyer et 's.,1995) as well as will include price-based esteem understanding and also to fear along with garments (Chang et 's.,2008). on top of that, vanity is very much a more prevalent determination to get shoppers around extravagance real estate markets as well as fragrances and also ‘haute couture’ (Grilo et al.,2001). Thus, it would be very interesting to investigate the relationship between vanity and brand sensitivity, vanity and luxury brands and/or vanity and counterfeit brand consumption. Second, it would be also interesting to explore which variables are strong determinants for vanity using path analysis or bolero structural equation modelling. Third, consumers in eastern cultures are more likely to be concerned about both physical appearance and achievement than those in western cultures (Durvasula and Lysonski, 2008) so that it would be interesting to study differences among other countries and consumer groups. lastly, according to collectivism vs. individualism, study may possibly bring on a much better knowledge of precisely how people around civilizations see mirror in another way to.

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